Proposing ‘network bands’ for grouping related organisations

With the potential expansion of a regional network, there may be a large variety of groups, each using the network for different reasons; we’ll quickly end up with a lot of unrelated information at any given point, which is essentially noise and something that needs to be avoided. To tackle this problem, there comes a potential design solution that can be built into the underlying protocol — organisations can register a band with the regional network for others to join, or join a band if it already exists. This band can then be used in the URI to talk to a specific spectrum of the regional network (for example: spring:// which will limit the information to that band thus filtering the noise and presenting a clearer, more relevant image. By building it into the protocol and URI specification, as opposed to running it as a network service, we are creating scopes within the topology of the network.

Proposal Notice: this functionality isn’t yet available; it is an idea that we are going to work through in the future.
Posted October 24, 2016 12:32 pm by Charlie Fyvie-Gauld