Proposing virtual nodes for people without websites

We had a discussion yesterday with a local community hub and during that time they made us realise that we are going to come across situations where an organisation doesn’t have a website to act as their node on the network but still wishes to use, say, the broadcast service. In theory, any static point on the Internet can become a form of node on the network, with limited functionality.

To tackle the problem, the idea proposed is that of a virtual node. simply put: we could create a thin layer that acts like a bunch of nodes on the network with a particular service but is an interface to specific functionality provided by social media accounts. It is a bit more complicated, as displaying the information has to adhere to the terms of service (if there are any) associated with the social media company.

It’s possible to be even more general and — given rules — could convert any form of structured text or web API into service information — so you could set it up enabling your freely hosted site to have some way of broadcasting information on the network, though in a limited capacity, through the virtual node.

Proposal for comments

Proposal Notice: this functionality isn’t yet available; it is an idea that we are going to work through in the future.
Posted November 29, 2016 9:57 am by Charlie Fyvie-Gauld