WordPress Native Node

As the software has progressed for the web based node, it seems quite possible to have a version of the node running purely as a native WordPress plugin. This differs from the current WordPress plugin which allows you to connect to and manage your node running on a separate domain or subdomain. With the aim to make Spring as accessible as possible on a technical level, having a plugin like this really builds toward that aim by making the installation of the software and connecting to the network even easier! As a bonus it removes some load off servers because an external request is using the WordPress installation directly as the gateway, instead of bouncing off to another server before accessing the internal network.


With that in mind, this week we’ll be researching how to go about strapping a Spring network node directly into the back of a WordPress powered site and hopefully have some alpha build plugin in the next few of weeks.



It is looking very possible to strap the node software into the back of WordPress!

Posted September 19, 2016 11:03 am by Charlie Fyvie-Gauld
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