SpringNet v0.1.0 (Drupal 7.x) Release — initial module release for Drupal

Today we have released the first version of the SpringNet plugin for the Drupal 7.x Content Management System.

While a seemingly low version number — this module provides the full feature set of the WordPress plugin (Currently at v0.3.0) and enables a site powered off Drupal to connect and interact with the network in a way that shares consistency with the WordPress plugin. The services provided are the current core services (Bulletin, Organisation Profile and Certificates) and are integrated as seamlessly as possible into the Drupal way of doing things. There are two Content Blocks provided (widgets) that can be placed in the structure of a site: Latest Bulletins and Bulletin Explorer.

The module can be downloaded from our download page here.

The User Guide provides instructions for installing and configuring the module.

Posted December 9, 2016 2:19 pm by Charlie Fyvie-Gauld
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