SpringNet v0.1.0 (Drupal 7.x) Release — initial module release for Drupal

Today we have released the first version of the SpringNet plugin for the Drupal 7.x Content Management System.

While a seemingly low version number — this module provides the full feature set of the WordPress plugin (Currently at v0.3.0) and enables a site powered off Drupal to connect and interact with the network in a way that shares consistency with the WordPress plugin. The services provided are the current core services (Bulletin, Organisation Profile and Certificates) and are integrated as seamlessly as possible into the Drupal way of doing things. There are two Content Blocks provided (widgets) that can be placed in the structure of a site: Latest Bulletins and Bulletin Explorer.

The module can be downloaded from our download page here.

The User Guide provides instructions for installing and configuring the module.

Posted December 9, 2016 2:19 pm by Charlie Fyvie-Gauld
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SpringNet v0.3.0 Release – Protocol update and bug fixes

This slightly delayed 3-week-cycle release is pretty boring and brings in the protocol changes that enables multiple responses to be combined effectively into a stream of responses, with a ‘service/multi’ header and an End of Transmission response code to complete the stream. This is technically a cleaner approach compared to using delimiters as it locks the size of a chunk to a size instead of a special sequence of characters used to end a response, thus allowing any sequence of characters to be in the chunk without having to escape them. It also makes the stream data format agnostic. This protocol update makes breaking changes to previous version of the plugin.

Also in this release is a small HTML5 canvas widget that displays the topology of the network. A couple of bug fixes to do with certain widgets using other widgets’  javascript so causing them to fail if the other widget is not loaded with them.

Posted November 15, 2016 2:26 pm by Charlie Fyvie-Gauld
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SpringNet v0.2.0 Release – Categories, Widget and more

This 3-week-cycle minor release makes the bulletin service more powerful by introducing categories. With categories, the bulletins can be rapidly sorted into relevant groups enabling a user to quickly find the information they need on the network within their area. As demonstrated on our frontpage, we can view all bulletins that provide information about events or services while filtering out the ones that we’re not interested in.

Included in the release is the widget `Explorer` that enables this category exploration. Neater interface changes mean clicking on a node URI automatically opens a popup with their profile.

Another addition to the system is the ability to get a node’s certificate with a given URI which can then be used to import into the keyring.  This feature is found under Keyring > Import. Finally, a pull request of a certificate can be made once it is signed, allowing distribution of updated certificates across the network. This feature can be found in Keyring > Certificate.

Note: Patch release 0.2.1 was made shortly after the 0.2.0 release which made a critical fix — the new Explorer widget lacked a public facing gateway, resulting in a situation where only administrators could us it. This has been fixed, along with a couple of minor styling issues.

Posted October 19, 2016 2:02 pm by springadmin
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